In this guide we will learn how to increase quotas for a GCP project.

When you are not using an instance - stop it

Now that we are done with this, let’s SSH into our machine like we learned in the previous guide.


What are Quotas?

Theoretically, as a paying (well, using credits) GCP user you can use all the mighty power of their cloud platform. However, this power doesn’t come immediately - you need to ask for it first. By default, projects have a limit to the amount of computing resources they can use. This limit is called quota.

What is Limited?

Quotas exist for everything - GPUs, megabytes (in terms of storage), RAM, CPUs, network access etc. It is very common to have to request increase when working on a large project with numerous running instances.

It’s important to note that quotas are counted for every existing instance - even if it’s not running!.

Increase Quotas

Okay. Let’s go to the quotas dashboard. Enter ‘quota’ in the search box like below:

- first time -

We need All Quotas. Next, for metric choose K80 GPUs as below.

- first time -

Scroll down and choose the right region - reminder we are using us-west (we are using us-west-1b but the 1b isn’t relevant now).

- first time -

Now go up and click Edit Quotas

- first time -

Enter the relevant details as below, click next

- first time -

And enter some reason why you want the quota increase.

- first time -

You should soon receive an email from Google saying the request has been registered - and a while later (can be a few hours and sometimes days even) you will receive an email saying your quota increase has been approved.

- first time -

Increase ‘GPUS_ALL_REGIONS’ Quota

This part is new. As described here, one now needs to also increase GPUS_ALL_REGIONS. Find it using the Metric GPSs (all regions) as below.

- gpu_all -

From now continue as before. Ask for anywhere between one and 8 GPUs (you can increase this again later for the projects part of the course).

Without that, you won’t be able to create the correct instance.

Now, Shut Down Your Instance!