I love sharing knowledge with people from all sorts of backgrounds. It’s not my main line of work, but since 2022 I’ve been giving two main talks:

  1. What I Talk About When I Talk About Deep Learning - a 60 minute introductory talk aimed at people with technical backgrounds that want to understand what deep learning is about. The targeted audience are software engineenirs working on an ML-heavy project who wish to better understand the tech jargon that their colleagues use.

  2. Introduction to Generating Images - a more recent 90 minute talk that is targetted at machine-learning savvy people who need to understand the latest trends in Generative Models for Computer Vision. I start from GANs and finish with Stable Diffusion and it’s variants.

If you feel one of those talks can fit your organization, or if you think my work can be of interest to your group, let’s talk.