tl;dr I solve problems that require machine/deep learning.

In a Nutshell

I am highly skilled at solving deep learning business problems and I’ve been doing that for some of Israel’s top startups (see Experience). While these areas are my primary expertise, I’ve also been increasingly involved in Natural Language Processing (NLP), particularly using LLMs, allowing me to tackle a broader range of challenges.

I am a full-stack researcher, meaning I do everything from research to data management to training and finally deployment. I am a highly experienced technological leader and researcher, with rich theoretical and practical knowledge of machine learning techniques and their usage production environments.

I love computer vision. Yep, I literally love what I do, which means I’m always up to date. I’ve been handling images in various tasks for more than 10 years. I’ve worked on cutting edge deep models and classical image processing techniques - whichever was the best tool for the job. I also have far reaching background in computer graphics (that’s actually where I started).

But I also love everything ML and I have deep understanding of other domains, particularly recommender systems and NLP. Over the past 18 months a large portion of my work revolved around LLMs - from building end-to-end RAG-based products to fine-tuning OSS models.

My background ranges from tiny to huge organizations, includes both individual contribution and management, and revolves around both the latest and deepest trends and the most barebones simple approaches. I have conducted research, trained and deployed models into real products used by real users.

I also consider myself a capable data engineer with a strong grasp of both Python and the usual collection of auxiliary tools/frameworks our craft requires. This includes everything from managing annotation databases to querying them.


Before embarking on my consulting career I was a computer vision research manager at Trigo. Before Trigo I was a machine learning research scientist at Amazon’s Lab126. I was also extremely lucky to work on my MSc thesis at Disney Research as an Imagineering intern, under the supervision of Prof. Arik Shamir.

I hold an M.Sc and a B.Sc in Computer Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, and a minor in Visual Communications from Bezalel Academy for Art and Design.

As a consultant I was lucky enough to work with Deci, Lemonade, CommonGround, Simply (formerly Joytunes), Mixtiles, DeepChecks, Nielsen, LuxuryEscapes, and more.

See my LinkedIn profile for a more detailed background and recent list of clients.

Working Together

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